Efficiency energized

Life at 30%

Since when has 30% of anything ever been acceptable? Introducing Coda as the electric car with the longest-lasting battery, a step-up among its peers.

TV Spot

What I Did On This Project

We found out that internal combustion engines are 70% inefficient, using only 30% of their energy to actually propel you forward. Electric engines are 80% efficient, and it just so happened that the Coda had the longest lasting battery to boot. Our thought was to first persuade you to switch to electric (efficiency), then to convince you of the Coda itself (long-lasting battery).

Andrea was gracious enough to play the part of the friend who was wholly inefficient with her food intake to get the point across, while Andres and I never thought that our passion for Formula 1 and cars would play such a pivotal role in our work.

Shot on my Canon T2i on a Ram Mount (those things are seriously amazing) inside my car. A Sigma 10-20mm f/4.5-5.6 was used to get the ridiculous wide angle, with a Zoom H1 hidden in the dash to capture the audio. Technicolor Cinestyle color profile used with a ColorChecker Passport to ensure everything was flat and white balanced. Shot on location in Brickell, Miami for the curious.

I edited in Premiere Pro with the exterior car shots blatantly ripped from Coda’s Youtube videos. Workflow included using Red Giant’s LUT Buddy, Colorista II for coloring, and Mojo for setting the tone. I took great care to find the appropriate music track at the Free Music Archive and the French band Latché Swing don’t disappoint. I edited the track to exactly :60, and used some of the audio cues to direct the story. I also recorded the VO and mixed and mastered all the audio together in Ableton Live.

Andrea Cueva (AD) + Oliver Macdonald (AD) + Andrés Martínez Curiel (CW)