We seem to think
you deserve a
great shave at a fair price

Something we can all agree on

A trio of TV spots for the up-and-coming Harry’s line of razor blades. We tackled what we thought were their strongest assets: their quality craftsmanship and simple design, their modern convenience (since they’re shipped directly to your door), and their motto of a great shave at a fair price. Witty copy paired with their signature bold and simple art direction.

TV Campaign

The Cutting Room Floor

Here’s a first draft WIP of a manifesto we were thinking of doing for Harry’s with reference footage. A lot of the feedback from several CDs (most of which are Copywriters) was that the writing is excellent, but that the concept was a bit too highbrow for what is considered a cheaper alternative to Gillette. Some said that a manifesto like this could work for a client like The Art of Shaving, but here it’s a bit of a stretch.

David and I are toying with the idea of working on a new version, but we’re still proud to show this particular piece as something that was left on the cutting room floor. We’re both Art Directors, yet together we wrote the copy, and I did the voice over. David would write in Spanish since it’s easier for him, and I would write in English and translate his stuff and get it all to gel together. We also searched for the right music, recorded the VO, and mixed and mastered all the audio so it would fit in a :60 perfectly, and edited the footage to match.

Oliver Macdonald (AD) + David Uribe (AD)