Breaking up is never easy

A love affair with my first car

If you’re a car guy, you’ll never forget your first car. I made this personal short film to tell the story of how eventually I’ll most likely have to part ways with her once I land my first job.

Spoiler alert: I eventually did. May she still be putting grins on whoever owns her now. 

Short Film

What I Did On This Project

Inspired by my favorite TV show, Top Gear, I decided to create one of my own short films about my first car, a 2006 Honda Civic Si. I started by writing the script, and figuring out what kind of shots I wanted and how the voice over would flow with the on location segments. The point is that the cities where I’m most likely to find work, I’ll probably won’t need a car since public transport is the way to go.

Shot on a Canon T2i with Technicolor Cineprofile and Magic Lantern, with a GoPro Hero 2 for certain exterior shots, with a Color Checker Passport for calibrating the white balance. Lenses used were a Sigma 30mm f/1.4 and a Sigma 10-20 f/3.5. The Zoom H1 was used to record the audio, alongside a cheap Audio-Tecnica lavalier mic. Felix shot all the exterior shots, some while laying down in the back of his car with the liftgate open.

Edited in Premiere Pro CS6 with the Magic Bullet suites for color correction and grading. All the audio was mixed and mastered in Ableton Live.

Oliver Macdonald (AD)

Special thanks to Felix, Sofi, Cisko and Pochi.