Music has always been
at the center of my creativity

Let There Be House

If I could pinpoint the start of my true creativity, it was when I started DJing and producing in High School. I met my best friend when we found out we both were into house music, and he happened to have just gotten a mixer. All I wanted to do was DJ and make music from then on. We started small doing local house parties and slowly started performing at bigger and bigger clubs around Miami. I even produced a few tracks with another friend under the Buy Best alias and got them released on Grooveman Recordings.

Long story short though, it’s thanks to all the countless hours spent in Ableton Live that later paid dividends when I started getting into shooting and editing video. I learned all of this on my own, and Premiere and the rest just came naturally to me since it involved the same concepts, just with video added. Finally, the audio knowledge I’ve gained over the years is invaluable, helping me mix and master video that is as close to production ready as any guy with a laptop and a pair of headphones will get.

Below are a couple of tracks of mine that have been released, a DJ set I once did for an online radio show, and a youtube video of one of my performances at Club Space with one of my best friends.

Oliver Macdonald (DJ & Producer) + Alejandro Acosta (DJ & Producer) a.k.a. “Buy Best”