It's like 3,000 new
phones in a bottle

So besides working on some campaign proposals for JetBlue (which turned out to be just online banner ads—sigh), the guys gave us this really cool assignment during the last two weeks there. Dan Madsen had just got back from shooting US Cell’s latest commercial featuring their irreverent spokesperson Bruce trying to sell his New Phone Smell product, and they wanted to do a quick and cheap online extension for the spot. The ask was to create a landing page for the product, and write, storyboard, and shoot a youtube infomercial for New Phone Smell. Oh, and it had to look super shitty  too, which was both challenging and awesome at the same time.


What I Did On This Project

I was in charge of coming up with the design for the landing page. The first rounds I was sent back to the drawing board for coming up with something that was “too responsive” and not “shitty-looking enough.” The final design was later reworked by Dan and we went back and forth polishing it. I worked closely with the digital team on making sure the design had free web safe fonts (they loved me for that), and was otherwise good to go in terms of final production.

Shawn and I were tasked to come up with the script and storyboard for the infomercial, and it was amazing because we were pretty much given full reign on the project and almost everything that we wrote and storyboarded made the final cut. I was eerily surprised to see how much the final product resembled what I had in mind when working on the pre-production.

This was a proactive project—with an obviously very low budget—getting approved immediately on the phone. One of the reasons we were able to keep it so low was that we found out that our Group Head Producer was a SAG member. He got paid his minimum fee (not that he complained), and was amazing to work with.

CD: Dylan Bernd
ACD: Dan Madsen
AD + Illustrator: Shawn Coogan
AD: Oliver Macdonald

Actor + VO: Dan Kaplan (Group Head Producer)